Why I am still in LOVE with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ?!

I want a great screen, a battery that will last all day with heavy use, a camera that will take every photo I’m looking for in any situation, as much storage as I need, and technology that simply works!

And that’s when I got my Samsung Galaxy S7!

Here are some reasons why I can’t get enough of my Galaxy S7

It makes me own the night before the light; Who doesn’t want to capture memories in high quality images during the darkest hours, as expect during the day. The technology behind the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge ensures superlative image quality, even in low-light conditions.

It took me back to the expandable storage; I almost take photos every single moment and I do expect that my mobile needs to accommodate, not only higher resolution video and images, but also an increased number of files ranging from work to play. My Galaxy S7 edge addressed my issues by resurrecting the micro SD card slot and expanded my horizon and storage up to 200GB.

Seamlessly by only one hand; The large screen and size of my S7 edge makes it difficult to use the device with one hand. However, there is a way to adjust the device so it is easier to control – the One-Handed operation feature reduces the home screen size and moves the keyboards, everything’s just easier to reach now. 

Stay tuned for more on how my S7 edge makes my everyday mobile experience a blast!

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