THE Fashion trends everyone is obsessing over this season

It’s Winter and every fashion Fanatic is obsessing over WHAT?!

here they are, the Fashion trends everyone is obsessing over this season!

Socks under Heels

Yes, this winter you can wear those fancy colored heels or sandals and maybe throw on a pair of socks underneath. Why not?! They say you should stay warm during this weather.


Fur coats, slippers, Bags, EVERYTHING! Its THE FUR FEVER


They say fairytales begin with a bralette, Layer ’em on first, or wear ’em on their own from high neck, floral lace, to long line plunge bralettes.

Clear lens Sunglasses 

Let the frame be of any color, size, shape, and design but keep the lenses clear and let everyone see your eyes clearly!


So velvet jackets, velvet boots, velvet pants wear it in any design and oh my the colors! Velvet just suits any color and any shape!

Oversize Sweaters / Jeans Jackets

We’ve seen celebrities throw on the oversized jeans jacket over any outfit already and now a flew sweater keeps you stylish and cozy, it will look glamorous over a skirt!

Clear heel Ankle Boots 

Why should the boots be one color if they heel can be clear?! It’s trending and every fashion lover is walking around with the see through heel ankle boots of different lovely colors.

NIKE air Huarache Sneakers 

I would want to wear these stylish comfy NIKE air Huarache sneakers with the military green, Hot Red or maybe the beige camel since its winter. LOVE the design and color selections and above all the feel will be ultimate!

Gucci Fur loafers 

Those fancy Gucci loafers we’ve always known and wanted but this winter we’re going crazy for the fur line on the round. Yes, we all know it’s the fur fashion season so WHY NOT?!

Statement Chocker

Stand out uniquely and shop out of the big box into the trending fashion of the statement chocker.

Guitar Strap

So the guitar straps won’t just only let carrying your bag much easier. Have you seen the styles and colors?! Just walk around like a rock star.


It’s the winter bag trend! I wish my school bag looked as fancy, funky, gorgeous as all these Backpacks design trending out there!

Bomber Jackets 

Attention Ladies! It’s not only for Men out there; the bomber jacket is on the runway with all colors suiting winter and maybe a bit more. Puffy and stylish!

Cross body Fur Stoles 

So with all the vibrant colors and graphics worn on the shoulder or across the body, the cross fur stole is a winter essential accessory to make you bear the chilly weather and still look glamorous

Metallic Boots 

Match it with a pair of black pants or maybe a mini skirt but that metallic shine will glow you’re way up and make as stylish as ever!

 So, Which one is your Favorite

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