On the 17th of March 2016, Samsung Electronics Levant launched the newest additions to the Galaxy family, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Not only was I lucky enough to attend the launching but to also put my hands on it. Yayy! So exciting!

I fell in love from the first tap, and I have been taping on it since then!!

Starting from the outer looks; they are very familiar to its predecessor, only better. Simply flawless, to sum it up, almost button-less, thinner silver from the sides and a much slimmer rear camera for a more perfectionist device.

I honestly loved showing it off, how it goes with my style and completes my looks, without paying any sacrifices to the great specs that I will mention later on.

How did it help me through my work lifestyle?

As you all know how my work requires a full access to my device and with my busy schedule and moving around places it sounds almost impossible to have your phone in one hand and managing everything else in the other one, well think again. You don’t even need a grip holder. It’s amazingly light and easy to carry, no need to worry about it.

Need more to say?

You can enable the One-handed operation to reduce the screen size or align keyboards and other inputs to slide over closer to one side of the display.

Of course after all that fancy schmancy crystal-ish propaganda, you all will be greedy for more.

Samsung’s design motto ‘feel & touch UX’ make them focus a lot on drawing closer to the users.

Meaning; softer display for the eyes, simple and friendly graphical user interface and Always On Display (AOD) function that shows the time, date and simple alerts even when the device is not in use, without killing your battery.

Hands up for the new family members! Woot woot.

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