6 Tips To avoid stained Nails

Almost every woman in all of the four corners of the globe uses manicuring, polishing & creating creative designs & nail arts.

However, the Main key Is preventing nails to become yellowish or catch stains that are hard to remove.

For that concern, we have gathered up 6 crucial tips you can do in order to avoid nails from staining.:

1- Implement lemon juice on your nails

Implement lemon juice on your nails 

2-  Always buff your nails

Always buff your nails

3- Do not heavily coat the nails

Do not heavily coat the nails

4-  Let your nails breath

Let your nails breath

5- Implement a base coat in re-painting

Implement a base coat in re-painting

6- Give your nails some sunlight

Give your nails some sunlight

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