Surviving Bad Hair Days!!

Bad Hair Day Can really effect your mood! Follow these easy 5 steps & survive a bad hair day: 

1- Learn how to do a sock bun, Even on your worst hair days, concealing your hair in a sock bun will give you a finished, classy look

2- Never be without bobby pins. Some mornings when you leave your house your hair can look amazing, and then a rainstorm hits. To make sure you’re never without bobby pins, stash 10 or so in the coin purse of your wallet.


3-Learn three hairstyles you can do in under five minutes. Whether it’s twisting hair back from each temple , a fishtail braid or a sleek ponytail, having go to styles in your hair arsenal will cut down on stress when your tresses just won’t behave.


4-Find a headband that goes with everything. Whether you wear mostly black, brown, white or otherwise, find a simple, plain headband that can be used to jazz up your hair on a morning when you’ve got no time and a big hair problem.


5-Finally Get a Turban! Its The New Must Have Head Wrap, Its The Chic Solution To A Bad Hair Day.



  1. sarah Sep 27, 2014 - 09:24 PM

    Great ideas!!!


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