Scarlett Johansson Make up In 7 Minutes!

1- Make Sure You have a clean face, Fresh & Moisturized 

2-Start With Concealer & Light Up Your Skin, Rub in with your fingers or a makeup sponge To Remove Black Circles

3-Use a foundation that matches your skin. DO NOT try and use a foundation lighter or darker then your skin, This will never work Out! Rub in with your fingers or a makeup sponge

4-Apply a bronzer to your cheek bones with a large makeup brush. This gives you a more defined cheek bone.

5-Draw Using a liquid liner to the top of your lashes making sure to draw a straight thin line, Then Make It Wider at The Edges 

6-Next take a black waterproof mascara. Apply a couple layers to the top and bottom lashes, Make Sure Not To Apply Too Much, You Don’t Want To Have a Sticky Lashes.

7-Take a nude shade lip chap and apply to your lips, Then add a Natural Pink/Red Lip Gloss 

You have a complete, natural look! 

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