How To Wear Strips ?!

Stripes are fun & flattering BUT How To Wear Them?!

Wearing stripes has becoming fashionable, even though they can be tricky to wear!  Yes, stripes DO make you look fat Unless You Wear Them In The Right Way, Stripes In its newest iteration, can be a little more challenging to pull off

Here Comes Few Trends To Follow,,

Wild Colors? Go Easy On The Rest

 pair your striped piece with simple shapes in pale colors, like Striped Colored Top With Nude heels and a White Pants.




Big-Top Stripes Call For Pajama Shapes

 we love the idea of a billowing pajama pant in a vertical stripe.

Wear it with a pajama-style shirt on top (in a solid color) and make sure you’re finishing it off with tall heels and a sleek clutch.



With Prison Stripes, Think Professional

When stripes are so bold, horizontal, and thick, you want to find them on fabrics that are stiffer. On blazers, tailored shorts, and boxy blouses, this stripe can look positively lovely. Wear it with more delicate pieces, like lace shirts and cotton skirts to keep things soft.

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Remember: style is all about learning, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different-sized stripes until you find what makes you feel your very best.


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